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  How Ezycargo™ improves operations efficiency of carriers and forwarders?  
  From one single source, Ezycargo™ provides cargo carriers and forwarders of all sizes with an efficient and effective e-solution that handles all time-critical transactions, and simultaneously prepares the industry players for an imminent paper-free cargo future.  
Checking 30-plus
International Carrier Flight Schedules at One-Stop
Ezycargo™ enables single or multiple flight schedule checks, providing a genuine shortcut to space reservation with a mouse-click!
Forwarder Benefits
Retrieve updated schedules from preferred
carrier(s) within seconds
Make shipment planning easily
Performing All-inclusive Electronic Bookings at One-Stop
Ezycargo™ offers a variety of e-booking options to suit forwarders’ specific needs allowing them to perform single, routine, multiple and spreadsheet bookings from a single source.
Single booking
Create reservation of a single space for any ad-hoc shipment
Routine booking
Create reservation of cargo space for regular shipments
Multiple booking
Create reservation of multiple shipments (up to 30 air waybills)
Spreadsheet booking
Create reservation data on MS-Excel files
Import reservation data from in-house systems and upload it to Ezycargo™ with a mouse-click
Forwarder Benefits
Avoid tediously re-entering data manually every time
Bring significant time-savings
Receiving Instant Shipment Status Electronically
Ezycargo™ utilizes advanced secure-connection protocol to ensure seamless two-way information exchange between cargo carriers and forwarders immediately.
Forwarder Benefits
Track-n-trace the very latest point-to-point shipment movements flexibly
Enhance customer service
To obtain a complete solution on how quality shipment movement data boosts transportation efficiency and performance for continuous process improvement, please refer to EDMP™.
Managing Multiple Allotment Bookings Easily
Ezycargo™ empowers forwarders to swiftly manage all allocated cargo spaces from either individual or multiple carriers.
Forwarder Benefits
Minimize data entry for booking records being generated based on forwarder-allocations
Bring significant time-savings
Managing Air Waybill Stock Effortlessly
Ezycargo™ enables forwarders to place an electronic order of neutral air waybills endorsed by participating carriers, helping them monitor the usage of air waybill stock.
Forwarder Benefits
Manage and keep track of the usage of air waybill stock easily, e.g. processed air waybill numbers
Replenish air waybill stock all online
Get low-stock alert when stock level falls below a pre-defined limit
Save manpower and time spent collecting, sorting and searching air waybills
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