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  How Ezycargo™ improves operations efficiency of carriers and forwarders?  
  From one single source, Ezycargo™ provides cargo carriers and forwarders of all sizes with an efficient and effective e-solution that handles all time-critical transactions, and simultaneously prepares the industry players for an imminent paper-free cargo future.  
Cargo Carriers
H2H System Integration Making EDI Hassle-Free
Host-to-Host system integration on EDI saves carriers both time and manpower. Once connected, carriers are able to provide customers with genuine shortcuts --- to assess real-time global flight schedule updates, check cargo space availability, make cargo space reservations, transmit air waybill data as well as track and trace shipment status.
Carrier Benefits
Reduce time costs
Streamline procedures
Improve customer service
Gain control of storing and manipulating data electronically
Transferring Electronic Shipment Status Instantly
Ezycargo™ provides carriers with ultra-high flexibility and manageability to disseminate the most up-to-date point-to-point shipment movement data to customers.
Carrier Benefits
Exchange shipment information with customers seamlessly
Enhance customer service
To obtain a complete solution on how quality shipment movement data boosts transportation efficiency and performance for continuous process improvement, please refer to EDMP™.
Managing Allotment Bookings Wisely
Our allotment application provides carriers with a high level of data transparency saving carriers a great amount of time and manpower previously spent answering reservation enquiries and handling paperwork, thus allowing carriers to better serve anchor customers.
Carrier Benefits
Monitor sales performance effectively
Manage revenue efficiently
Managing Air Waybill Distribution Easily
This application provides carriers the flexibility to allocate air waybill inventory to customers following low stock prompts.
Carrier Benefits
Distribute air waybill stock all online
Save manpower and time spent sorting, searching and distributing air waybills
Manage and keep track of the usage of air waybill stock easily, e.g. processed air waybill numbers
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